December 1, 2014

Disney Blocking God from Website?

I've just got to imagine this is a mistake. And yet, knowing how politically correct Disney tries to be these days, it doesn't surprise me in the least.

A ten year old fan tried to post an answer to a "what are you thankful for question" on the Disney Channel blog. Well, wouldn't you know, her response was not received because it included the word "God" in what she wrote.

This is the way it goes. It's politically incorrect to mention the Almighty God that created the universe- the One who sent His Only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for the sins of man as a gift to give eternal life to all who would believe. Shocking that as we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, we leave God out of Thanksgiving and Jesus Christ out of Christmas. 


Joel said...

Look at it from someone that doesn't believe in God point of view. And God has nothing to do with Thanksgiving.

Mark Taft said...

Sorry to reply so late Joel. I was in California and just got back.

Well, just because someone doesn't believe in God, does that mean they should have their freedom of speech censored? I don't think so.

Regarding Thanksgiving, the origin of the celebration comes from the pilgrims giving thanks to God for survival in the new world- and Abraham Lincoln made it official during his presidency for the same reason- a day to be thankful to God for His goodness. So I politely beg to differ that God has nothing to do with Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading!