October 22, 2014


Yes, it's a compilation, but what a good one it is!

Richard and Karen Carpenter created some of the most beautiful music of the 1970's- and their hits are starting to be played again on the radio. We've Only Just Begun, the wedding anthem of a generation is towards the end, but hits like Superstar, Rainy Days and Mondays, and I Need to Be in Love fill out a single disc collection that is a great primer for discovering the duo. 

This is real music. Karen's vocals are the best her generation ever produced. There's no use of auto tune or anything like it in sight. Richard's arrangements got cluttered toward the end of their career, but on this disc, the listener gets to hear the best of his work. He was also a pretty darned good songwriter! Five of the songs featured are his. 

So, place on those earphones and listen well. You'll fall in love with the girl with the golden voice and join millions of others that already love it. The Carpenters are known for much more than their Christmas classics. For those of us who heard these hits when they first came out, it's Yesterday Once More.

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