August 12, 2014

The Magic of the Movies

All too often, we as adults forget the simplest of pleasures and take them for granted. Like going to the movies, and the magic of film.

Recently, my son-in-law invited me to go to my three year old  grandson's first visit to the cineplex. Planes: Fire and Rescue was on tap. (And it was better than I expected, by the way. Great animated sequences.)

Getting him a kid's special treat box (popcorn, root beer, and a snack pack of gummies), we settled into the theater chairs. I wasn't sure what to expect, as my grandson is high energy.

It was amazing. As soon as the Disney castle appeared on the screen, I could see my little grandson was instantly mesmerized. He sat in basically one place the entire film. At a pivotal plot point, I heard him say to his Daddy, "Will Dusty be ok?" He was engrossed in the film. When it was over, he said innocently, "Can we go see another one?"

The final amazing aspect of the afternoon came on the way home. It was quiet, and he said, "Thank you, Daddy, for taking me to the movies today." How very sweet! And what a statement that is of the power of the movies. 

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