July 17, 2014

Two Important Birthdays

July 17, 1955. Fifty-nine years ago, Walt Disney and his team accomplished something the entire world has loved. In one year and one day, they built an entire theme park- the original Disneyland. Kings, Presidents, Hollywood starlets, and ordinary royalty of all kind came to love this beautiful, charmed filled, heart-strings tugged place.

Fast forward to just 25 years ago, and under the new leadership of Michael Eisner and Frank Wells, the Imagineers led by captain Tony Baxter, debuted the incredible Splash Mountain. Proving once again that a mediocre film (Song of the South), can be the basis for a great theme park attraction, a Disneyland classic was born.

These important park birthdays serve to remind us that 1- true creativity and risk taking produce great results, 2- Rome can be built in a (year and a) day, and 3- continuing to create guest pleasing experiences brings the revenue the suits look for.

In 25 years from today, may we be celebrating some attraction that is a new instant classic!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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