October 9, 2013

Woody Invades Tokyo Disney Sea

No one would call me the biggest fan of Toy Story Midway Mania although I am a huge fan of the films. Video game rides just aren't my thing, as I think they show a huge lack of creativity and inspiration. That said, I cannot help but look at this image from a Tokyo Disney Sea trip report on line and grin. The Coney Island / Trolleyville Park look makes for a pretty spectacular photo. Is it out of place as part of the American Waterfront? Yes, I think so, even though it is a technical fit. Being right around the corner from the stunning Tower of Terror, it just needed some space and distance to keep guests from being visually jarred. The large scale Woody head screams out-of-place self promotion. It's a far cry from the subtle yet incredible icons that premiered at the park opening.

(Photograph copyright Cravetfiend.)

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