April 13, 2013

Design Detail: Le Curious Giraffe at Disneyland Paris

Our recent trip to Disneyland Paris resulted in about 400 photos. It's such a beautiful place! It's not restricted to the attractions however. The shops and restaurants are just as beautifully designed. The Imagineers spared no expense in order to make sure they got exactly what they wanted and to guarantee the guests did they same.

In Adventureland, Le Curious Giraffe, has unfortunately started stocking fairly generic items. Just like most of the park. Yet, the shops itself remains very, very charming. The namesake makes a surprise appearance by sticking his head through the roof, coyly watching guests as they search shelves for their treasures. It's a nice little unexpected treat. If I recall, at one point, he was a limited movement Audio-Animatronic. Can anyone tell me if this was in fact the case?

(Photograph copyright Mark Taft.)

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SWW said...

The girafe still actively chews on grass (you can see vids of this on youtube). Certainly possible he had additional movements in the past.