November 20, 2012

Balancing Act

Don't you just love this piece of concept art by legendary Imagineer Marc Davis? I sure do. Pirates of the Caribbean continues to be the masterpiece attraction at any Disney park- from Disneyland to Shanghai Disneyland and most everywhere in between, Pirates continues its reign as the most beloved and admired theme park icon.

The image also reminds me of the delicate balancing act between art and commerce. The suits have to do this well- and when they do, they have a runaway success on their hands. All you have to do is watch the crowds entering California Adventure 2.0 and heading toward Cars Land and Radiator Springs Racers to see great art can bring great rewards.

Will Walt Disney World's New Fantasyland pull in the crowds as well? Will it be strong enough to do battle with the boy wizard next door at Islands of Adventure? Probably not. But it can serve as a good starting point to a re-imagined Walt Disney World. A resort that once again returns to amazing its guests and providing experiences not available anywhere else. A place where great customer service is only bested stunning surroundings. To bring the current state of the resort back to the highest standards of earlier decades? That would be a hat trick- but one that must be done.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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