September 25, 2012

Iron Man or Tron?

What's it gonna be? Tron Light Cycles from Shanghai Disneyland or a brand new Marvel Iron Man based thrill ride? Disneyland's Tomorrowland has long been in need of a revamp. The problem is the place is a thematic mess as it stands now. Nemo, Buzz, Star Wars, and on and on.

Imagineers are hard at work on prepping the spot which will take over Innoventions. An announcement should be forthcoming. Disney has got to make some quick decisions to battle the new Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, and the upcoming 60th anniversary of Walt's original kingdom will give the suits a perfect excuse to say it is not because of Harry. After all, Disney can't admit they are playing catch up.

In a perfect world, both attractions would make its way to California. If a third theme park at the Disneyland Resort is gong to be Marvel themed, give us Tron now, Iron Man later. Regardless, I have a soft spot for Frontierland, and I'm hoping Tony Baxter's new project isn't cut back because of the expense to bring something fresh to Tomorrowland. Gosh, just think. Disneyland may need those new Main Street back alleys after all!

(Photograph copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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