June 28, 2012

A Brave Triumph!

Leave the scoffers behind, and go see Disney / Pixar's "Brave"

The easy stuff first. As with many Pixar films, it is easy to forget you are watching animation when there are no characters on the screen.  The landscapes are breathtaking, rendered with incredible care and detail. From the castle to the fields and forests to the sea, I can guarantee you have seen few films as gorgeously presented- animated or live action.

As for the story itself, there's something of a twist in it. Merida, the stong-headed, pride- filled, princess who wants to be more, makes an intentionally selfish decision. It's a very dangerous one that chooses to change someone else's life for her benefit. This propels the story that leads to Merida's self discovery and some maturity. But everyone pays a price for acting upon her rash, self-centered focus. 

The concept is in direct contrast to other Disney princesses like Belle or Mulan who take action for others' benefit or those like Rapunzel who are the victim of someone else's choices. Quite the change. 

The moral of this fable is something every parent should be talking to their children about. Each person's actions impact those around him. Both good and bad. Even if you are not a princess fan, go see this film. Enough said about this one.

"La Luna" the Pixar short shown before "Brave" is charming and delightful. No spoilers here. Go be surprised.

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