May 25, 2012

Ugly Duckling of DCA Becoming a Swan

Thanks to Mint Crocodile over at Magic Eye, we've got one of the first looks at the Carthay Circle Theater with the fountain in front of it. Looks like Walt Disney Imagineering was 100% determined about turning the stunningly short changed California Adventure into a park known for its beauty and charm. 

At this rate, Buena Vista Street is set to be the New Orleans Square of the second park at the Disneyland Resort. The detail is rich, the remodel tremendous even from viewing photos, and I am convinced the overall impact will bring serious money into the accounts of the Walt Disney Company as visitors are finally convinced to give the once ugly duckling another look. They will be rewarded for taking the risk!

With a mostly re-Imagined Paradise Pier, Cars Land with its thrilling Radiator Springs Racers, and a wonderful "first act" in Buena Vista Street, finally Disney California Adventure is in the first stage of giving Disneyland a run for its money as a full day park. Job well done!

(Photograph from Mint Crocodile.)

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