April 21, 2012

Walt Disney Company Endorses Obama

Did they really do this? Sure seems like it. With California Adventure's relaunch due to hit June 15 and the November election not far behind, it's more than possible Disney is putting their muscle behind the current President Barack Obama.

This concept art for the new "DJ's Dance and Drive" show displays dancers holding fans (?) that are clearly President Obama's campaign logo. Not a wise partisan move on behalf of the Company.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Anonymous said...

Also the Pepsi logo. Just sayin'

comics101 said...

Yeah, I can't imagine TWDC wanting to get involved with endorsing any candidate running for office, especially one as polarizing and unpopular as the current president...it's just not a smart move. I'm not sure what that logo could be, but I'm sure it's not for the current president lol

Unknown said...

Does say 'subject to change', LOL