October 11, 2011

First Timer Advice Wanted

Getting close to a family vacation. One where we will be taking our son-in-law to Disneyland for his first trip ever. To any Disney park. He's been told the place is everything from wonderful to almost Westworld creepily perfect. We've got one day, and we are even considering a parkhopper and trying to do California Adventure as well. Everyone in the family has their own ideas. What would you do to make a great first impression?


James said...

If it was a day where both Parks were open late then do both parks. However, for a 1st time visit, I would stick with one park and do Disneyland for the whole day.

I would visit Lincoln, The Train, Space Mnt., Materhorn, Big Thunder, Jungle, Indy, Mansion, Pirates, Small World, Peter Pan, Alice (ride), and end with the Tiki Room.

Mark Taft said...

Thanks, James. Great food for thought. I felt Lincoln was a must and the Railroad. Indy's a personal favorite and Pirates, too. (But that will be closed!) By reading your list, you make a pretty solid argument for "classic Walt" with the best of the new thrown in.