March 3, 2011

A Perfect Fit for Cars Land

California Adventure's expansion of 2012 swings wide open with the completion of Cars Land. With the beautiful buttes found along sections of Route 66, vintage architecture, and loads of neon to light the evening sky, it will be the place to be seen at night.

The big thrill there will obviously be the lavish and expensive Radiator Springs Racers, but my hunch is the sleeper hit will be Luigi's Flying Tires - a modern updating of the old Disneyland favorite Flying Saucers. Rounding out the trio of attractions will be Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.

All these fun attractions and the long wait to ride them will certainly create a hungry crew. Yes, there are some fun little places planned to catch a quick bite, but the one clone I'd really like to see from Walt Disney World is not on the agenda for now: The Sci-Fi Dine In. Change the theme from Disney's Hollywood Studios old school B grade horror movies to auto related films, and this drive in themed restaurant is a perfect fit. What could be more fun than sitting in a convertable under the stars while watching film clips and having a nice little meal? Not a lot!

Certainly a great adddition for Phase Two. And trust me, California Adventure 2.0 will be a big hit, and the suits will need to expand the park faster than they expect!
(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Unca Matt said...

I love this idea but it would be ok with me to see the fun live action films from the Disney Vault too!

Mark Taft said...

That's a great idea!