March 25, 2011

Paradise Pier Becoming What It Claims to Be

Could it be? Is it possible that the re-Imagineering of California Adventure's Paradise Pier will result in the area being the prettiest in the park?

This photo from the latest report from Magic Eye shows much progress as the Imagineers finish the exterior building of Ariel's Undersea Adventure. It seems as though it is just the crowning jewel of the remake! The rest of the area is being fully built out to reveal a gorgeous beer garden, beautiful restaurants, and heavily shaded pavilions to enjoy the views. Bursts of flowers are sure to be added as well. All it needs is some period appropriate entertainment and a great salt water taffy shop to complete the environment. What a difference Paradise Pier will be from the barren wasteland found there on opening day, when a walk around the bay revealed one big disappointment after the next and barely a drop of shade.

Don't get me wrong: I wish the seaside carnival theme had never hit a Disney park. Haven't waivered on that- yet. Perhaps my next visit to the park will make me a believer. I'm trying to be open to that idea. With World of Color and California Screamin', already there, adding the Audio-Animatronic adventure with Ariel ups the ante for this guest. (How can you not love the animatronic of Ursula in all her evil glory? I'd say its up there with the Auctioneer in Pirates of the Caribbean or the Wicked Witch of the West in The Great Movie Ride and perhaps even with Mr. Lincoln on Main Street.)

When the suits get smart, and adding both new attractions and permanent extended closing times to the park so we can see it at its best in the late evening, Paradise Pier may truly live up to its name. From disgrace to charming, seems Disney is finally on the right path here.(Photo copyright Mint Crocodile and Magic Eye.)

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