February 17, 2011

One Too Many

Invading Florida's tropical jungles, Aladdin's Magic Carpets came to the Magic Kingdom's Adventureland, ruining the dense and exotic landscape. This simplistic piece of concept art does justice to the final presentation when built. It's a common spinner, dressed up to take care of parents and kids who won't wait for Walt Disney World's Dumbo. (It's not the artist's fault! You can only do so much with the concept!)

In France's dismal Walt Disney Studios Paris, it debuted sans buildings with the Genie nearby dressed as a movie producer. At Tokyo Disney Sea, it arrives soon as part of the intricately detailed Arabian Coast with a new name. Regardless of location, one Dumbo styled attraction is really enough!
(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Joel said...

Is it really enough? Does it REALLY destroy Adventureland? Think you're being a little extreme here.

It's crazy that Florida will actually have 4 in the Magic Kingdom once Dumbo's dual concept opens, but it appears these are needed for some families. Kids love 'em.

Every Magic Kingdom does have at least two spinners.

Mark Taft said...

Well, I think it destroys the look and feel of Adventureland as it is too cartoony. I prefer the more realistic version of that part of the park. Just my opinion, of course!