January 27, 2011

Comfort Food for the Entertainment Soul

Vintage is on a comeback at the Walt Disney Company these days. It is most seen at the theme parks as classic Disney characters from the early days of the studios invade California Adventure as well as attraction posters that remind us of the old days at the oldest Disney park. Goofy and Snow White make a major appearance at Florida's new Fantasyland at the Walt Disney World complex. There's a return to classic Winnie the Pooh coming the theaters, remakes of old animated films are de rigour, and retro designed souvenirs with EPCOT Center are front and center in that Florida park.

What's it all about? My hunch is it reminds those with the most income and those longing for simpler days that Disney, not Universal or any other group, is part of our American history and our quickly lost way of life. It's comfort food for the entertainment soul. Whenever times are hard, and they are Stateside, we long for what used to be. For an entertainment company, it is not a bad strategy for the short term, but the Mouse House had better have some great new fresh and creative ideas up their sleeves soon. Nostalgia only goes so far, and then there is nothing new to be considered old and valued again.

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