November 20, 2010

Here Comes the Sun?

Quite a bit of talk these last few days of how Disney Imagineering is going to transform Walt Disney World's Pleasure Island into the Hyperion Wharf. Sure, all that great concept art you see looks great, but something seems suspiciously shallow. It's the content, the substance, the heart. This redo of the island sounds much like a contemporary version of California Adventure's Paradise Pier and Walt Disney World's Boardwalk. With all the demo going on in California, should we expect the recently removed Sun Icon or even the soon to be removed replica of the Golden Gate bridge to relocate to Florida? Hopefully not.

Before we are quick to criticize the Walt Disney Company for rehashing elements from the past, let me point out it is exactly the same sort of things we can do in our own lives. We can view people we haven't met through the lens of previous positive or negative relationships we have with others who seem similar. We can dress up and change our outside without ever really doing the hard work to change inside. Even worse, we can just let some things in us never change, causing us to deteriorate until we fall apart. (Want your Disney analogy? Think River Country here.)

Just as any Disney project needs a person with a vision and a great architect to pull it off, we need one, too. The Great Visionary who created us has a plan for us that is always better and healthier and more amazing than what we could ever expect compared to what we will get when we design our own lives. All it really takes to start fresh is agreeing to put your life in His hands, admitting we've made a mess of our life and possibilities. One step of faith, one choice of really giving your life over to Jesus is all it takes to watch new plans unfold. Then the son comes in, and the hope begins.
(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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