November 10, 2010

Design Detail: G Force Records at Disney's Hollywood Studios

For a park that has lost its sense of direction, Disney's Hollywood Studios is still full of great design and little details that we theme park fans love. Yes, this park is filled to the brim with stage shows that are dated and tired, a minimal number of real attractions, and a confusing layout. But if you look beyond the obvious, you'll find that even in the most haphazardly plans expansions, there can be found little additions that remind us of the days when Imagineering was blessed with cash to do things right.

Here's more proof. Take a walk down Sunset Blvd. As you are approaching the only magnificent version of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, take a sharp left for a raucous journey down those California freeways on the still cool Rock N Rollercoaster. Upon exiting the required but fun gift shop, pause to look at your feet and find this manhole cover. What do you see? A tribute to G-Force Records, the fictional company whose studio you just entered before catching your hot to trot limo. Shaped like a vinyl record. Again, proof positive that even the little park that has lost its way still has much for the devoted-to-detail Disney park fan.

(Photo copyright Mark Taft.)

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