October 20, 2010

What's Goofy About The Sky School

I keep watching all the construction photo updates from Disney California Adventure, waiting for all the little details to come into play. Sun Wheel to Fun Wheel, Orange Stinger to Silly Symphony Swings, and now Mulholland Madness to Goofy's Sky School. If I were to compare this to a Glamour Shots makeover, doesn't seem like too much different than before. But I am left with some questions...
  • Other than a change in theme, will the Sky School be enhanced in anyway?
  • What musical selections will make the cut when the invariable Disney California Adventure (2.0) music collection comes out?
  • When will California Screamin's track receive the rest of its new blue paint job- and what about a new white coat of paint for the rest of it? How about those flags as seen in the gorgeous concept art?
  • Will guests be able to access Carsland from a street next door to the Paradise Pier Ice Cream Company? Please, not another like the once dead end road leading to Tower of Terror!
  • Will the platforms in Paradise Bay for World of Color ever go down under?
  • And what about that ugly color of the water?
  • Will we have to wait until Ariel's Adventure debuts before we get an updated Blue Sky Cellar?
  • How long will Goofy's Sky School remain?
  • How soon will it be until Cars Land receives another dark ride to absorb more folks in the area? Will Cars Land's main drag be the DCA equivalent to the mess found between Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean next door at Disneyland? (And I've got tons of questions about Disneyland's future. But that is harder to speculate as nothing has been announced. No Star Tours 2 doesn't cut it.)
I have many more questions about the rebirth of California Adventure. Of course, the biggest one is: Will there be much more California without characters in the plans for Phase Two? Let's hope so.

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