October 13, 2010

New Art of Hong Kong Disneyland's Adventureland

From Imagineer John Horny, comes this piece of concept art for Adventureland at Hong Kong Disneyland. Isn't it beautiful?

There is a clear nod to the culture with the inclusion of the Chinese Junk and other smaller elements, yet still some very traditional when compared to other Adventurelands found in the parks. Click on it for a full size view.

Just a shame Disney opted out of the eleborate Pirates of the Caribbean themed area! I would have wanted to travel to the park just to see that, as it is my favorite Disney attraction.

You can see more of John's work here.
(Art copyright John Horny and the Walt Disney Company.)


Peter said...

Thanks for the link to John Horny's site - I've always loved his work on Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris and some of those concept pieces are magnificent! Was the "Enchanted Forest" park ever a viable project?

And did you notice the sketches labelled "Disneyland Soeul?"

Mark Taft said...

Not sure about the Enchanted Forest project- although it could be what morphed into the Fantasyland Forest expansion at WDW.

Disneyland Soeul? Yes, I knew the South Korean government has been trying to get a Disneyland or even an Epcot pavilion for years. And I think they had the money to put up for it. Wonder why neither ever happened?