October 7, 2010

Jesus and Oral Sex

How is that for a catchy title? Have your attention?

Unfortunately, there is some artwork in a Loveland, Colorado museum seemingly depicting The Creator of the Universe receiving oral sex by a man. (Sorry, no photo for this post!)

I'm all for freedom of expression, but this crosses the line. What about kindness and sensitivity to others and true diversity? If nothing else, if this is in fact true, it is a hateful thing to do, intending to offend even if providing social commentary. Same holds true for those idiots who broadcast that poor young man in sexual acts, causing him to commit suicide. There are no boundaries anymore, I guess.

May God forgive the artist for this lack of good judgment and the city of Loveland for even allowing this to be shown. I forgot, He already did by dying for their sins regardless of what they are- these folks just have to ask for it.

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