October 8, 2010

Disneyland's Plectus Intergalactic Revue- Concept Art!

Back on my Tomorrowland kick...

Maybe one day after all the changes to California Adventure are complete, Disneyland's Tomorrowland will get something as cool as this-

I took this photo in 1990 of concept art for a new use of the Carousel Theater at Disneyland. I believe the name was to be Plectu's Intergalactic Revue. This was back in the day before characters invaded, when aliens from other planets came and staked territory first. The friendlier ones were to put on this show, and an angrier alien was to make his appearance at the West Coast version of the great Alien Encounter. Plans change, ideas change, and this concept art was eventually removed from the public eye. The building would have looked great- and I left the enlarged image quite big so that the details can be seen.

A call out to Mr. Tony Baxter and those with a passion for being visionary: Please tell all us "Walt's park" geeks that a wonderful makeover of the Land of the Future is not in the too distant one!
(Photo copyright Mark Taft.)


steve2wdw said...

If I'm not mistaken, isn't Sonny Eclipse from Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland at the MK, a character/performer from Plectu's Revue?

Mark Taft said...

You may be right, Steve. I have no idea. Anyone else?