September 10, 2010

Imagineering Shanghaied in China

The latest news reported from, is that the Shanghai Disneyland project is set to be outsourced beyond Imagineering. Even though this was expected, it is quite a shame. This will be the first Disney resort handled by a group other than Imagineering. Ever. But, this is the new Walt Disney Company. It's profit and commerce over art. (See my post on this here.) Robert Iger again makes another culture changing decision. My rose colored glasses have been removed, as I mentioned in this earlier article. Disney's just another company- and they are proving it.


Eric Scales said...

I'm confused- the only mention I can see of this on Laughing place mentions in the same sentence that design work is begining on this at WDI, and that it's going to be outsourced. Where else have you seen it mentioned. As far as I know a lot of concept work has already been done by WDI for Shanghai- a lot.

Mark Taft said...

Eric, I know there has been quite a bit of art done. My concern in the outsourcing is that the Imagineers themselves will not be around for the actual building and installation of show. Granted, they will probably use firms filled with ex-Imagineers! ;)

Where else have I read this? Hmmm, I cannot remember, as I am reading all the time. Sorry.

Attention Readers: By the way, I inadvertantly delated about 6 months worth of comments this morning. All because I misread the information about a new Blogspot feature. So sorry, everyone. And beware!