July 2, 2010

Island Paradise and Other Adventures

It was just one of those lazy afternoons while still on vacation after our daughter's wedding. We were enjoying a late lunch date together at one of our favorite spots, Rumbi Island Grill. Looking up, I saw this terrific poster. I immediately flashed back to our two trips to Hawaii.

The next flashback was to my many visits long ago to Disneyland. At least once a summer, we stopped to eat at the wonderful Tahitian Terrace in Adventureland.
I am sure this was where my love for the islands originated. As a teen, I read books like The Dove, and fantasied about sailing away to some tropical paradise.

Now landlocked in Denver, I treasure my rare days at the beach, be it in California, Florida or Hawaii. And I'm so glad the Disney suits plan to bring a bit of Tahiti and the Terrace back to the Disneyland Hotel. When they do, you can be sure I will be there...

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