May 21, 2010

Ride the Big Red Cars!

Come Hell or high water, World of Color will debut on June 11th.
Next up will be The Little Mermaid "E" ticket musical attraction with Cars Land and its Radiator Springs Racers right behind it. The remaining improvements to Paradise Pier may be delayed, but already the completed ones are making a difference. Seems like California Adventure will be on its way to becoming a park worthy to sit next door to Disneyland- not Epcot or Tokyo Disney Sea, mind you, but at least much better than the dismal little park that couldn't in 2001.

The Imagineers are still left with a great challenge- the entrance. Plans are for the postcard look to be replaced with the immensely themed and detailed Buena Vista Street. It's Red Car Trolley will add some kinetic movement to the new area with shops and cafes rounding out the offerings. It has yet to be revealed if the Carthay Circle Theater will host anything noteworthy or just be an empty landmark.

If the suits at the Walt Disney Company are looking to rebrand and reintroduce the park to a hopefully-waiting audience, there's no place more pivotal to its success than the front gate acreage. Time is sliding away. Remember when the billion dollar project was first announced? 2012 seemed like light years away. Now, it's just around the corner. Those bulldozers had better be coming soon. Guests will walk by and wonder where to spend their hard earned money. The work had better be great as this is Disney's last chance to make a great first impression.
(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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