March 4, 2010

Randomness and Nothingness

A very random post today, catching up on things I've wanted to say...

American Idol: Michael Lynche was really good last night! My money is still on Lee DeWyze, but hey, I've been wrong before. Casey James was a washout. Good for Kara to redeem herself with an honest appraisal.

Yep, Karen Carpenter would have turned 60 yesterday. Go to the A&M Corner under the Carpenters tab, you'll find a link to some amazing photos. Ones I had never seen before. Her voice continues to bless me, her loss saddens me, too.

Disneyland and California Adventure: Nothing new it seems. Captain Eo draws a mixed bag of reactions, while the ongoing prep for World of Color is getting exciting.

This Sunday is the 2nd anniversary of the blog. Look for a special post then.

Work and life are busy, but God is good! I'll have much to say in the days ahead!Thanks for reading.

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