March 18, 2010

New Heights at Disneyland Paris

This is an absolutely beautiful little map of Adventure Isle in Paris. The Imagineers truly outdid themselves when they designed this playground of every boy's dreams.

Combing elements of Peter Pan's Neverland and the Swiss Family Robinson's island home, Adventure Isle takes the American concept of Tom Sawyer's Island to new heights. From the beautifully detailed Captain Hook's Pirate Ship to the deep grottos and caves waiting exploration, nothing is left wanting. Everywhere you turn, the lofty views astound. During our last visit we easily spent a full hour exploring and still left feeling we missed quite a bit. (You can find our detailed trip report here.)

I intentionally left the graphic very large so you could see it all. If you think the map is well done, you should visit the island! Seriously. Make that trip to Disneyland Paris (or EuroDisney). Not only is Paris one of the world's most amazing cities, this French park is the most beautiful Magic Kingdom ever.
(Art copyright the Walt Disney Company.)

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Eric Scales said...

I agree! Although we didn't spend much time on Adventure Isle, it really is a great section of the Park. You get the feeling of a natural setting far more than at any of the domestic Parks. It may have helped that the Park seemd rather empty the days we were there, so you could stroll through the jungle and sandy beaches near the Pirate ship without sighting more than 2 or 3 other people. Very cool.