March 3, 2010

Main Street's Meat Market

When designing Disneyland, Walt Disney and his newly minted "Imagineers" originally opted for a very realistic take when deciding what exactly would become Main Street U.S.A.

Along with the once proposed residential section (complete with an early rendition of the Haunted Mansion), shops along the avenue would take on a different approach to life at the turn of the century than how the California park was eventually built.

Many Disney geeks are familiar with the "Wizard of Bras" corset shop, but how many of us knew there were also plans for a butcher to make his presence known? As you can tell from the concept art above, no idea was left unexplored. Alas, this one never made the final cut.
(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Connie Moreno said...

That would make a great sandwich shop!

Mark Taft said...

What a great idea!