January 27, 2010

Tom Fitzgerald Over Tony Baxter?

Now, if this news is true that Tom Fitzgerald has been promoted to the top of the heap at Walt Disney Imagineering over Disneyland...

1- We can bet on more film based shows instead of real immersive attractions (but please prove me wrong)!
2- You can almost guarantee that Tony Baxter isn't too happy (and I'm not either). Can retirement be far behind?
3- California Adventure's terrific sounding makeover may be a thing of the past once Radiator Springs Racers is built. Say "Goodbye Phase Two".
4- We'll see downgraded quality in attractions- worldwide.

Tom seems like a great guy- but just the wrong one for the job! Tony's profile is pretty outstanding. Look here.

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Mouseketeer Cole said...

Remember though that even as head of Disneyland, Tony has nothing to do with California Adventure. So Tom's rumored promotion at Disneyland probably wouldn't affect DCA unless the job's control gets expanded.