January 11, 2010

The Princess and the Avatar

Don't be fooled by the marketing: James Cameron's "Avatar" is the true fairy tale here. Princess Tiana may be kissing frogs to help make dreams eventually come true- but she does it knowing hard work, faith, and integrity must match a good strong mind to get the job done. That is the real truth.

Avatar pushes a strong and disturbing political agenda behind those beautiful images on the screen. Its fantasy world is beautiful to see, but it is just that: an extreme fantasy with nary a shred of truth behind it. Additionally, the movie's animist worldview diminishes the uniqueness of man versus God's creation, making the movie a total waste of time and money.
(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Princess & the Frog, A+ / Five Stars, WOW, I've already seen it twice. The music was outstanding, still singing "Going down the bijou". What a sweet tale, told in Disney's classic style.

Avatar; yes, the visuals are stunning, I've never seen anything like this, mind boggling in its complexity and creativity. The story was a real disappointment, the disturbing political agenda was done so cartoon-ish and childish that even if that your agenda, its a mockery. I don't think Cameron was going for "Laughs" when he wrote "Shock and Awe" but that's what he got, laughter at how lame it was to include a 2003 reference in a movie set in 2154??

I'm already thinking of a way to edit the Movie (when it comes out on DVD) to make an "Anti-Directors cut" you could cut a least 45 minutes of junk dialog and make this move much more enjoyable.