November 26, 2009

Reasons for Thanksgiving

So much to be thankful for, isn't there?

Just stop and think of the blessings in your life. Even if this season of life has been one of hardship, there are always little things as well as big reasons why God deserves our thanks.

My heart of thanksgiving grows each year I am on the planet, and here are a few of the reasons I choose to give God thanks:

His goodness and His great gift of sacrifice in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ- The Ultimate expression of God's love for mankind, and the only payment in full for my sin. That God Himself would reach down to us still amazes me.

My family- What more can I say? Through hardship and trial, my family has been a visible expression of God's heart toward me. Have our lives always been easy? NO! Not even close, but we stick together through it all.

The freedom we have in the United States- Many bash this great country of ours and try to turn it into something that it was never designed to be, but at its core, it is the best representation of our rights and our freedoms in human governments. Yes, there is always room for more improvement, but in all of my travels, I have never experienced a community so hopeful and free to be who they are as I do back home.

Entertainment- Yep, I am thankful for that! Isn't life a whole lot more fun with it? From our theme parks to our sporting events to television, music, the internet and movies, to be able to be blessed by the enormous amount of talent amongst us is a gift.

The ability to work- What a joy to provide for my family in a way that I enjoy. And to have a job in this economic situation is even more of a blessing.

Sharing with others less fortunate- Whether it is sharing food, faith, or in service, giving to others is a gift we also give ourselves.

There are many more reasons to celebrate and thank God together.

May God bless you this Thanksgiving Day with joy and peace and a heart of gratefulness!

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