November 3, 2009

Pieces of My Heart

The challenge to continue living life with a sense of thankfulness has been set before me- and I want to accept it wholeheartedly. Much more difficult than I thought it would be. (Especially with winter before me- and I don't like the cold!) If you're like me, you have grown accustomed to getting what you want when you want it, therefore cultivating a grumbling attitude instead of a grateful one. How I hate that about myself! And I cannot stand recognizing it, either.

This funny little book, Crazy Love by Francis Chan, challenges me to live life differently. I'm reading through it very slowly, trying to adjust my life and let it become something more pleasing and worthwhile to God. Strange how a small tome of 180 some odd pages can affect a life- and hopefully change my heart. Simply written but powerful in impact, Chan makes me look at myself in a clear strong light but with as much compassion as inherent challenge.

So, here is my first written attempt at being thankful in an out-of-the-ordinary kind of way. Just some small tidbits, a piece of my heart at a time. Bear with me as I look inward a bit, won't you?

I am thankful for the sun. My youngest daughter says I am a plant, and I must constantly photosynthesize to be healthy and happy. I am happy there is so much light here in the Mile High City- especially in winter. Thank you, Lord.

King Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes reminds me that to be happy in my work is a gift from God. It is- and the ability to do something I love is something I have forgotten about in this past year. God, please forgive me and give me a thankful heart once again.

Hope- I have it. It is not just for eternity and the future, but it is for here and now, knowing that you God are here for me, regardless of how hard things may get or how cranky I become. Thank you.

I'll stop here for now, but I pray I'll continue on reflecting of your goodness to me. Help me to do so continually, Lord, as my human nature reminds I cannot do this in my own strength.

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