September 15, 2009

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 30th Anniversary

The wildest rise in the wilderness made its debut 30 years ago in a little park named Disneyland. And what a wild and wonderful ride it has been!

From Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom (shown above) to the acres of reclaimed land in Tokyo Disneyland to the fields of Disneyland Paris, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad thrills us. Emerging from the concepts first developed by Marc Davis for the spawling complex known as Thunder Mesa, the attraction that first put Tony Baxter on the front of the Imagineering roster, is an enduring fan favorite.

It may not be filled with loops like California Screamin', launches found in Rock N Rollercoaster, or backwards sections as in Expedition Everest, but this mine train coaster provides plenty of immersive theming, scenery, and thrills all its own. Thank you again, Walt Disney Imagineering and Tony Baxter, for giving us an attraction that is a family favorite that has endured for three decades.

(Concept art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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