September 12, 2008

Le Traffic Jam

Until the recent transformations and additions, Walt Disney Studios Paris was the poorest excuse for a Disney theme park. There is still much work to do to completely transform this Ford Pinto into a Mercedes Benz, but this small attraction for children, featuring the lead characters from the Disney/Pixar hit Cars, was a good beginning.

In person, the Race Rally ride is very small, but it packs a good amount of visual punch in a park that lacks much charm. The next attraction to come was Crush's Coaster, another solid add. With minimal outdoor theming much in the vein of what was there when the park first opened, Crush succeeds because of its high fun factor (in addition to bringing the park its first audio animatronic character). Finally making its debut, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror brings the final punch before the next round of park improvements begin. This has been enough to bring in the crowds- and enough to convince Disney that this park can change from the lemon it once was.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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