May 5, 2008

Keeping It Real at Disneyland

The recent suicide at the Disneyland Hotel made my mind swim with a variety of thoughts and my heart jump with emotion. Sadness and disbelief mingled with shock. It brought about a heavy dose of reality. Even at the "Happiest place on Earth" life is not always carefree, and life is more than just what is happening in Disney's world.

Helping others cope in times of pain is just part of the job. Not my job- although it is- but our job. It is part of the human condition. We all experience loss, grief, betrayal and eventually death. My prayers are with the family of this man who chose to take his life. Unfortunately, he also chose to take a part of his family's life- one that can never be replaced. It was the piece with his name on it. May this man Rest in Peace, and may his family rest in peace in the arms of Jesus.

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