March 27, 2008

Happy Reunion

Didn't you smile just seeing this picture? Can't you hear the theme song now? We welcomed this very lovable group of misfits into our home on a regular basis, and we quickly discovered we couldn't stay away. These folks were kind and warm, quirky, funny, and 100% dedicated to each other. Though they were far from perfect, we cheered for them to succeed, laughing most of the time, crying others.

As much as we loved them, their eccentricities reminded us of people we knew and hurt with: Chandler and his rotten self image and unfortunate childhood; poor abandoned Phoebe, trying everything and anything to find peace and purpose; Lovable, childlike but man-whore Joey, who thought the solutions to his problems were to be found in endless sexual escapades; the ever popular Rachel- rich and spoiled, she struggled when things didn't go her way and she had to live within limits; and our majorly disfunctional siblings Monica and Ross- one such a control and neat freak that she drove most men away and the other so controlled by his emotions that he jumped from marriage to marriage to find value.

Thankfully, at the end of a decade, we got to see them grow up! Still far from perfect but now making more healthy adult choices. If they can do it, there's hope for all of us. Gotta love them- and I do- at least enough for late night TV reunions.

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