May 24, 2017

Stars are Born

This is the year. NBC's The Voice has struggled since inception to have a break out major artist discovered a la Carrie Underwood and American Idol.  But no longer.

Can I brag that I accurately predicted the order of the Final 4? Jesse Larson was an easy number four as he had been in the bottom three before. Equally gifted Aliyah Moulden was my guess for number three. Still young and developing- and her final performances were not as riveting.

That left Lauren Duski and Chris Blue. Both incredibly gifted and consistent in their performances. 

Lauren's cover of Billy Dean's Somewhere in My Broken Heart is now one of my favorites. It's beauty strengthens with each play.  Her voice is at once classic and unique. Beautiful and understated. The Dance was equally gorgeous. Even ending the series at number two, Lauren will have a long career in the music industry.

Chris Blue. Wow! 24K Magic was great- the man has the moves of Michael Jackson and much stronger pipes- but I longed for his take on Uptown Funk. It took Kirk Franklin's gospel gem Take Me to the King to predict and claim that he should be number one. Rhythm Nation was just the icing on the celebratory winner's cake. 

Now, we all know the NBC executives have money on their mind. So, let me add my few cents. This is the first season of The Voice in which I've purchased their songs on i-tunes more than one or two times. Fourteen songs in fact by these top four. And I'll definitely be buying the discs from Duski and Blue.

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