February 11, 2019

Universal and the Weather Keeping Blizzard Beach at Bay

Baby, it's cold outside! When temperatures dip into the lowest ranges, the idea of an afternoon at a water park seems so appealing. Even when that water park is Walt Disney World's wintery Blizzard Beach. Except in January and February when it seems the place closes every year. "Florida does get cold, too!" they tell me. 

Imagineering did an amazing job creating this place! These two pieces of concept art really sell the concept of a ski resort turned tropical playground. But I have to say in full disclosure here... I have never been to the place! The last few visits to the world have been few and far between with much smaller number of days on the Disney property. Maybe one day. 

Maybe. It's getting more complicated to choose to a Central Florida vacation plan as being solely Disney as Universal Orlando keeps upping their game.

(Any copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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