February 1, 2019

Figment Asks "What about Science?"

To the millions and millions of people who took their very first Journey into Imagination, it is likely that little purple dragon, Figment, won their hearts. After all, Disney is still using him to sell merchandise years after they ruined the original "E Ticket" ride.

Here's a wonderful piece of concept art that the Imagineers put together. Showing how guests would journey into imagination as they explored the painting, literature, the theater and science, the use of giant props and visual effects created something wonderful. Uniquely Disney and totally magical! 

Long before 2 minute thrill rides replaced the classics, there was very long waits for this attraction. Folks couldn't get enough of Figment and his creator Dreamfinder. We still can't but not in this incarnation where Dreamfinder has been replaced and Figment has become snarky and a bit of a brat.

It's long overdue to turn over this attraction- and really the whole pavilion- to a brand new incarnation of creativity. Retired Imagineer Tony Baxter would probably be thrilled to be called back in to bring Figment back to life. It's his baby after all- and he and his team created the original iconic attraction in the first place! 

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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