February 9, 2019

Disney Wharf in Australia

Plans for Disneyland Australia resurface in a new documentary that makes quite a compelling case for the idea that the Walt Disney Company really was looking at locations down under. Was it a new Magic Kingdom, something along the lines of Disney Springs, or a combination of both? Let's look at some art, a video, and a copy of a proposal.

This piece of concept art shows a Magic Kingdom on the bay next to a Pleasure Island type area. It's been around for awhile. First shown here, on the Disney and More site I believe. 

Here's the video showing Disney was in fact looking for something in Sydney Harbor. (I found this on the WDWMagic discussion boards.) It's 15 fascinating minutes! I'm convinced the proposal was real.

The fun concludes with a shot of the proposal. Look at what was planned. Hmm... Sounds as if it was legit.

It's not the first time the Company planned to take advantage of America's fascination with Australia. Here is my detailed look at the plans for EPCOT Center's World Showcase version of the country. 

Lots to enjoy and dream about!

(Art and model copyright The Walt Disney Company. Video from ReviewTyme.)

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