January 29, 2019

Design Detail: Shanghai Disneyland's Treasure Cove

It is the great attention to detail, the little things, is what differentiates Disney Parks from their competitors. (Although I'd say Universal Creative is doing a lot very, very well these days. Particularly just about everything associated with Harry Potter.) You can find these design details all over any Disney park if you keep your eyes open. 

When it came to Imagineering Shanghai Disneyland, this kind of thoughtfulness emerged among the other choices mandated by the government (such as having the biggest castle, little to do with outside "competing" cultures, etc.).

Treasure Cove, the pirate themed area with the landmark Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure, contains a hidden detail that many pass by on their way to the mega-hit attraction.

Walt Disney's 1929 Silly Symphony, The Skeleton Dance, is honored by the image displayed at the top of this post. The original film slice is shown above.  Mint Crocodile, of the Magic Eye site captured this little detail as he was exploring the Chinese park. Quite a find, I'd say! 

(Photograph copyright Mint Crocodile. Film image copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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