December 1, 2018

Could Muppet*Vision 3D Leave Hollywood Studios?

Hmmm... Looks as if Muppet*Vision 3D could be going away. Regardless of how often the Disney suits try to reboot Jim Henson's beloved characters, things fall flat. 

Take a look closely at the construction going on for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (courtesy bioreconstruct). What do you see? I see the Muppets backlot area stuck in the middle of the Galaxy and the existing Star Tours / Tatooine Traders complex. Now, we now the store is going through an extensive remodeling of its own. 

From another angle.

The second photo shows how possible this really is. Would the suits really tear down the newly opened BaseLine Tap House on Grand Avenue? No, but they could cleverly close off the Muppets area and reuse it with a new entrance for more room to expand. Or provide additional access for the Star Wars themed hotel. Odder things have happened. Don't think so? Who would have ever guessed The Great Movie Ride would disappear? Now, anything is possible.

(Photograph copyright "bioreconstruct".)

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