December 20, 2018

Big Night for Timeless- The Final Adventure

It's with very mixed emotions that tonight is finally here. I'm a huge fan of Timeless, and I'm thrilled the television honchos have given fans one last hurrah to wrap up the series. That's the real problem as well! This small screen show packs a punch bigger than most found on the silver screen. It is at once intelligent, heartfelt, and powerful. The writers have given us a storyline that mesmerizes, but the cast is what pulls it together. 

The ensemble works so well- like a family reunion that goes off without a hitch. Abigail Spencer, Malcolm Barrett, and Matt Lanter form the team you'd want having your back, and they face two (one) of the greatest television villains ever: Goran Višnjić and Annie Wersching

Thanks to everyone involved for a great show- even if it was never given enough time to truly earn its place for more than two seasons. But what a ride it was!

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