September 26, 2018

Blame It on My Youth

This oldie but goodie is going through my head today. It's been recorded by many folks, but Aaron Neville's version of the Nat King Cole classic Blame It on My Youth is just a warm and lovely rendition! Jamie Cullem (on his Twenty Something disc) covers it as well, giving it a modern spin without losing its old fashioned charm. 

Oscar Levant and Edward Heyman wrote this in 1934. You might recognize Edward Heyman as the man who also penned When Fall in Love, a song recorded by so many but especially beautiful by the late Karen Carpenter

And now, the lyrics of young love:

If I expected love when first we kissed,
Blame it on my youth.
If only for you I did exist,
Blame it on my youth.
I believed in everything,
Like a child of three,
You meant more than anything,
All the world to me!
If you were on my mind all night and day,
Blame it on my youth.
If I forgot to eat and sleep and pray,
Blame it on my youth.
If I cried a little bit
When first I learned the truth,
Don't blame it on my heart,
Blame it on my youth.

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