July 19, 2018

Shock Back to Reality from The World

After a great trip to Walt Disney World and an unexpected day trip to Disneyland, there's nothing like a family health scare to bring things back to reality.  

Our wonderful young daughter had a stroke about 5 years ago while I was out of the country on business. This left my poor wife to deal with her life threatening situation while I tried to get myself stateside. The discovery of a blood clot in her brain due to an unfortunate chemical reaction when she became pregnant created havoc. Doctors told them the necessary blood thinners would abort the baby. Of course, eventually, they came up with another option: daily shots of a different thinner done twice a day for the remaining six months of her pregnancy.

While she and her husband dealt with this necessary treatment, God had other plans. Our church continued to pray for her with the laying on of hands. It is the Biblical method of prayer for healing along with the facts that 1- God also uses doctors and medicine and 2- He doesn't always heal. He is not a genie in a bottle. 

In this case, He did heal her, fully removing the blot clot but leaving an "image" of it on the artery, reminding us of her health scare. 

Fast forward to now. The pregnancy resulted in the birth of our healthy sweet granddaughter, and our daughter remains on blood thinners at the advice of her doctors. Last month, the six of us took our trip to the World.  Last week, our daughter had an unexpected emergency gall bladder removal. Although she lost much blood, she's recovering nicely. 

All to say, temporary times of fantasy and play are fun, but the realities of life creep in. And they should- life is short, and eternity is forever. I'm thankful to understand the truth of both.

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