May 2, 2018

Timeless Moments

Frankly, my wife and I absolutely love the show Timeless! The cast is gifted, passionate about their story, and undeniably fun on and off camera. The unfolding tale is compelling, even if Season Two feels a bit rushed at times. I'm fairly certain that's a concession to gaining a larger audience. 

Correcting an earlier obvious gaffe, the series is finally including more of the very complex villain / now perhaps good guy Garcia Flynn. Excellently played by Goran Višnjić, he's crafted one of the most interesting characters ever found on television. Here's some truth: Even an excellent episode is made better by him being in it. It's about time.


Len Yokoyama said...

I had originally had season one on my DVR but never got around to watching a single episode. I am current on season two and can see why you love the show. Question, next week is the two hour season finale. Is it my imagination or has it been only 10 episodes or so? Seems short by network standards...

Mark Taft said...

Yes, unfortunately only 10.
Season One is fantastic- even better than two, in my opinion.