February 22, 2018

Tropical Hideaway Restaurant Coming to Disneyland

It's not the return of my beloved Tahitian Terrace, but the remains of Aladdin's Oasis will be transformed into the brand new Tropical Hideaway! The new "traders market" area is said to also involve "flavors" in addition to new sights and sounds. It's about time something takes over what was a waste of space and in a theme that didn't fit in with the surrounding area.

This could be a good second choice plan for Disneyland's very cramped Adventureland - if and only if- the stellar Polynesian restaurant never returns. Let's face it. It probably never will. This sounds a lot like an outdoor version of Walt Disney World's Skipper's Canteen over at the Magic Kingdom. Minus the evening show featuring the tropical dances of the islands and other musical entertainment. California does have great weather, so an evening meal on the patio along the rivers of the Jungle Cruise could be great.

Overall, I must say this sounds like a solid replacement for dining that the suits removed decades ago. Should some great Imagineers are involved, there's a chance this could even be pretty good. Add in some cool curios, good food, maybe some island drinks, and a great vibe- well, I could almost forgive the suits closing the Terrace. 

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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