February 2, 2018

New Epcot Plans on the Horizon

Starting with a sparkling new, lush, green, and fully redesigned "spine", plans for an Epcot renovation are in full swing. Or so you might think. The Imagineers have leaked out enough pertinent information to keep Disney rumor boards buzzing. Here's another  ideal perhaps realized plan presented us to from the folks at Imagineerlandblogspot.com 

It's not just Future World- and its new version of Tokyo Disney Sea's Aquatopia or Shanghai Disneyland's Jet Packs- that's been given a fresh perspective, it's also World Showcase. But you'll have to go to the link to explore that. Some of the newer countries chosen are quite surprising, and they would be quite effective at rounding out the park. 

Unfortunately, the official plans keep changing. And as long as all the various festivals keep the place full of people liquored up, there won't be much reason to really create the detailed and enchanting projects as in the opening years.

(Art copyright Imagineerland.)

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