August 13, 2017

WDWMagic Presents The Last Great Movie Ride

Thanks to the wonderful folks at WDWMagic, we have the last Great Movie Ride video presented in a stunning presentation. Wow, just wow. Disney Imagineering doesn't really build old school attractions of this caliber anymore. At least nothing with the amazing number of Audio-Animatronics like this! 

This opening day attraction at the Disney-MGM Studios was an instant classic. As much as I'm excited to see an attraction themed to Mickey Mouse- and it should be great- there's something not right about removing this piece of Imagineering art. The park's centerpiece attraction is akin to Epcot's iconic Spaceship Earth

Enjoy the video, but we aware, nothing is sacred anymore within the corporate halls of The Walt Disney Company when it comes to the parks. Now, sadly, it's all about pushing the latest or biggest moneymaking film that the Studios has to offer. You might scoff, but your favorite attraction- even if it is a classic- could be next.

Thanks WDWMagic for capturing, well, the magic!

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