August 8, 2017

Tony Baxter, Tim O'Brien, and a Birthday Surprise

It's often difficult if not impossible to keep up with all the websites, blogs, articles, and books that focus on the Walt Disney Company, it's theme parks, and in particular, Imagineering

While I appreciate all of the Imagineers and their work in the parks, it's no surprise to longtime readers of the Insights blog that I find the work of Tony Baxter to be one of Imagineering's best artists. Be it Journey into Imagination, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure or the whole of the most beautiful Magic Kingdoms, Disneyland Paris, his work and the work of the teams he assembled is practically unparalleled in Disney park history.

Tony and his adorable friend Figment.

Theme park historian and write Tim O'Brien has written one of the most comprehensive looks at Tony's life, work, and impact on the Disney world. "First of the Second Generation of Walt Disney Imagineers" is filled with stories and rare photos. A great read you just can't put down. In fact, I read the entire tome in one sitting, receiving it just days ago as a birthday present from my very thoughtful wife.

Imagine my surprise at turning the pages and seeing Mr. O'Brien quote my blog, referencing a pair of articles, The Great Tony Baxter Debate! (Part One and Part Two) Wow. It's as close to fame as I may ever get- aside from meeting a handful of famous singers and having my kids grow up next to a now known Hollywood actress. 

Thank you, Tim, for a birthday gift I'll never forget.

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